Thank you for visiting the Sunburst Granites website. We have been dedicated to delivering quality granite products since 1917. We have designed artistic works in granite for St. Cloud State University as well as business centers. Many of our designs have been published in trade journals.

We are a client centric company focusing on using the newest technologies available to deliver the best quality products to our customers. Our products are backed with the best guarantee in the industry.

Sunburst Granites consists of three divisions: Memorials, Granite Kitchen & Bath, and Granite Garden. Click on the corresponding division to learn more.


Granite Memorials, Monuments & much more

  • Uprights
  • Government
  • Laser Etching

  • Slants
  • Keepsakes
  • Business

  • Bevels
  • Urns
  • Organizations

  • Flats or Grass
  • Vases
  • Pets


There are many words which describe a cemetery marker or monument. A stone placed on a grave bearing the name and dates of the individual intured there is called many things. Headstone, foot stone, foot marker, tombstone, marker, memorial, monument, grave stone, grave marker, upright monument, ledger, plaque, grave plaque... Don't worry about what to call it. Together we will figure out what you want or need and provide you with the best stone possible. 


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