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Dealing with Grief

When you lose a loved one you often lose a confidant. For your own good you need to reach out and find a new person to talk with. No, it won't ever be the same, but you will find many rewards in developing or deepening new relationships. We are happy to bring you an article written by Jackie Waters who has a passion for helping people. Please read her article by clicking on the link below and find out more about her at Thanks Jackie for a this helpful article!


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Sequoia granite no longer available

Sequoia granite, shown here and in our brochure as CAT-5030, is no longer available. Particular granite from their respective quarries are not limitless.Sometimes a quarry has limited supply of a specific color or the access is limited by various circumstances or the granite vein changes in appearance and no longer gives the look people are wanting. We have a very nice replacement granite for Sequoia. It is called Indain Mahogany. Like Sequoia this is a non-stock color. It is from India and can be ordered. Please allow 14 to 18 weeks for delivery from time of approval. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We remain committed to offering the best granite available. 

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Core Values of a 100 year old company

Do the right thing. Family first. Employee ownership. Respectful relationships. Working together. Fun at work. These are the core values here at Monumental Sales. This will be guiding us into our next 100 years! Listen as Steve Irwin who manages our store in Grand Island Nebraska talks with local radio personality Brian Gallagher about what makes our company an enduring company. 

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Monumental Sales Celebrates 100 years of Making Memories

Monumental Sales is celebrating it's 100th year of preserving memories of loved ones through the Sunburst Memorials brand of Monuments and Markers. Check out the video as we celebrate our past and look forward to our future.

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The Time to Plan Ahead is Now

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Designing the Monument for Your Loved One

When you are faced with designing a monument for yourself or a loved one it’s often difficult to know where to start.  There are so many choices; color of granite, size and shape of the stone, and then the actual design on the monument itself.   The use of laser etching, from your personal photo or from an image found in a computer search, brings out the fine details of the image.  A portrait set in ceramic and attached to a monument gives a clear picture of our loved ones.  The use of a sandblast design can often tell a person’s interest and passions.  No matter what technique or technologies a person chooses to design a monument telling the story of our loved ones in granite is the goal.  When that time comes our professional and caring staff is here to help you do just that.  Please give us a call or stop by one of our dealers near you. 

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Memorial Day is coming!

The first days of winter doesn’t necessarily seem to be the time to be thinking of purchasing a monument.  However, if you are planning to get a monument installed in a cemetery by Memorial Day stopping by now is a good idea.  All our monuments are handmade and take time to be made just the way you want it, with care and craftsmanship.  Give us a call at 1-800-442-1660 to find a dealer closest to you.

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Fire and Ice in the monument business


Steve Irwin discusses cremation in America's heartland along with how to dig a grave in frozen ground. Also a look at the Grave Diggers Championship. 

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Adding a Death Date

Ever wonder how we add a death date to a monument in the cemetery? Watch this video. Wayne Winkleman shows you how he does it. 

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Planning Ahead

We plan ahead to help you plan ahead. Check out the video with Steve Irwin from Desch-Paine Monument in Grand Island, NE talk about planning ahead with Brian Gallagher at KRGI radio. 

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Traditional Sandblast

See what makes a Sunburst Memorial so special. Old World craftsmanship still has a place in preserving the memory of our loved ones.

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Friends of Lansing's Historic Cemeteries

Here's a WILX news video about Lansing citizens joining together to restore monuments at local cemeteries.

Mt. Hope Cemetery restoration


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Terry Redlin's monument

Check out Watertown Monument Works' post about the cemetery monument we had the priviledge to create. Here's the link to that page

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Genealogy Searches

Check out Steve Irwin's video about genealogy searches. 


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Genealogy Searches

Check out Steve Irwin's tips for Genealogy Searches. He talks with Brian Gallagher on KRGI radio in Grand Island Nebraska.

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Steve's Genealogy Quest

Steve's Genealogy Quest

Knowing yourself comes from knowing your family heritage. Steve Irwin and Brian Gallagher discuss the importance of keeping memories alive.

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Why do we have Memorial Day?


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Bench Memorials, not just for the cemetery


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Sprucing Up Time


Spring time is often the time families visit and spruce up their loved ones grave site.  It’s a good time to add something special to the memorial.  Flower vases, plant holders, and porcelain photos can all make beautiful additions to a memorial.  There are even different types of lights one can add, if permitted by the cemetery.  Stop by Michelich Granite to learn more about additions to your loved ones memorial.

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Britton SD Expo and Health Fair

b2ap3_thumbnail_Britton-2.jpgJoin Aberdeen Monument on Saturday, April 2 at the 33rd Area Expo and Health Fair in Britton, SD.  More than 90 different vendors will be there!  You'll find us close to the entrance at Booth #75!    The show runs from 10 a.m.-5 the Britton gym.  Hope to see you there!

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